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Hlamida Manada – hardcore defloration

Hi. My name is Hlamida Manada.
I was invited to the casting and asked to talk about my first sexual experience, about the first masturbation.
My first masturbation is usual enough. I think a lot of girls had the similar experience. It happened to me once at night when I was reading the book. The story was about the friendship of one girl from a poor family and a boy from a rich family. They could only meet secretly from their parents because they had really strong feelings to each other. And once their childhood feelings turned into the first kiss and first caresses. When I was reading about their feelings I felt excited and slight itching in my pussy. I put my hand in my panties and continued to read… so my first orgasm happened .. This began to continue every day. Sometimes even twice a day. I became a sexually concerned girl.
My sister Elena (she was twenty years old) had a boyfriend (his name was Victor) which was 25. In the evening they were often staying in the room together, they had fun.. After having fun everything subsided and I could hear her giggle and moan quietly. One day, when no one was home, I went to their door and looked into the keyhole. I couldn’t see anything at first. Then suddenly in front of my eyes appeared Victor’s huge dick. I almost screamed. But my throat was too dry… I didn’t realise he was standing right in front of the door! After that, he went to the bed where my naked sister was laying. She sat down and began to suck his dick. Victor was moaning and inserting his penis deeper and deeper into her mouth.. Then he pulled my sister onto the bed and she stood in the doggy pose. I was looking at them and holding my breath, my heart was about to burst out of my chest. I thought I’d die of a heart attack. Victor put his dick in her vagina, and he started to fuck my sister hard. She was moaning with pleasure, the same as Victor. My panties got wet and I realised I can’t stand it anymore. My hand slid into my panties and my fingers slipped along my pussy. I was watching Victor’s dick penetrating deeply into my sister’s vagina and I was dreaming that he’s doing it to me. I came instantly. Then again… And then again… I was exhausted and relaxed…. That night I slept without any dreams… I just went to my room and fell asleep as dead… I woke up at 8 in the morning and immediately remembered everything that happened to me yesterday and my pussy became wet again… So I became a stupid girl who is looking for a free minute to masturbate.. That was the experience that cannot be forgotten until I die.


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