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[Brazzers] Azul Hermosa – Role Reversal

When Small Hands  returns home from his morning meeting, he finds sexy wife Azul Hermosa  doing her chores half-dressed. Small Hands  takes on his usual dominant role with her as she works: grabbing, pawing, worshipping, until – noon already? Time for Azul to change into her professional attire ahead of the big board meeting, while Small Hands  is left to do some of his own chores around the house. When Azul gets home, the couple find their roles reversed, with Azul being dominant and horny while Small Hands  tries to finish fixing the sink. Will these two ever find time to fuck?

Brazzers Full HD 1080p Azul Hermosa – Role Reversal

[Brazzers] Azul Hermosa – Role Reversal

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